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The Reality of Aid 2006 Theme Statement “Security and Development” Introduction to Reality of Aid: The Reality of Aid (RoA) Project is the only major north/south international non-government initiative focusing on analysis and lobbying for poverty eradication policies and practices in the international aid regime. It brings together more than 40 civil society networks working in the field of international cooperation in 22 donor countries, in Asia, the Americas and Africa. Established in 1993, the

September 23, 2003

Reality Check September 2003

Over the past decade, aid and trade have become increasingly enmeshed as trade is seen as a key element of developing countries’ development strategies. The role of liberalized trade and investment regimes in ending global poverty is highly politicized as the analysis of development agencies, academics and civil society organizations continues to be dismissed by organizations such as the WTO. The increasing centrality of trade as a means for development received its clearest articulation in
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