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At the midpoint of the Agenda 2030, only 15% of the targets are on track. In the Asia-Pacific, this translates to compounded impacts of the pandemic on health and economic systems, debt burden on the poorest, worsening conflict, deterioration of social protection systems, violation of basic human rights, and incapacity to address the climate crisis. Recognizing that the world is nowhere near in achieving its sustainable development targets, the SDG Summit is convened by the
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In time for the 8th Annual Meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Recourse, Inclusive Development International, and Accountability Counsel launched a research, Roadblocks to Accountability: Addressing the accessibility crisis in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s review of its Project-affected People’s Mechanism. Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific, along with other civil society organizations from the region, endorse the research. Download the research here. In 2019, the AIIB established its accountability mechanism, the Project-affected People’s Mechanism (PPM),
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The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to development released a call for inputs on reinvigorating the right to development and the role of business in realizing the right to development in the context of the Agenda 2030 and human rights instruments. With this, the Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific submitted an input which highlights how the current framework of Agenda 2030 fails to address the multi-dimensional crises and structural inequalities that hinder the realization
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In a world afflicted by multifaceted and overwhelming global challenges, civil society organizations working on aid and development cooperation continue to grapple with the question, “ How can we effectively respond to the changing aid landscape?” This is the overarching question posed during The Reality of Aid Network’s (RoA) meeting last June 21 in Paris, France entitled, “Pushing Beyond Three Decades: The Reality of Aid’s Global North-South Caucus”. Joined by members of the network, the
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For the past month, there has been increasing conflict and violence in Manipur state in Northeast India, with more than 130 dead, 60,000 displaced, and ongoing attacks on villages and refugee camps. The conflict between and among different ethnic communities in Manipur, and recently between the Meiteis and the Kukis, has long been used by the Government of India to safeguard the interests of the privileged few in the region while violating the rights of
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The Russia-Ukraine conflict resulted in billions of ODA being realigned or redirected to the Ukrainian government, civil society and other humanitarian actors in the country. While financing is necessary to reconstruct Ukraine and support its citizens, beyond its borders, however, several poor countries in the Global South are pushed to the sidelines when it comes to the amount and urgency of providing ODA. One policy instrument that hopes to respond to conflict and fragility effectively
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