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The Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific (RoA-AP), along with the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) – Asia, held their annual Regional Meeting, “Accelerate Efforts; Amplify Voices: Bolstering Solidarity toward People-centered Development Cooperation”. The Regional Meeting aimed to strengthen solidarity, and to facilitate dialogue among members, donors, and development actors toward effective and people-centered development action. The Regional Meeting was composed of various events such as The Reality of Aid Report 2020/2021 Asia Pacific Launch,
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Download the Spanish translation here.The coronavirus pandemic has revealed fundamental flaws in the systems of governance and the delivery of basic social services to the people around the world. The ongoing health crisis especially exposed the weakness of healthcare systems in the Asia-Pacific. In the case of the Arab region, the unequal distribution of healthcare services is coupled with the fragility of the existing political, economic and social systems. The pandemic highlighted the limited capacities
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The Reality of Aid Network statement on the recent developments in Afghanistan Download the Spanish translation here. Following the collapse of the Afghan government last August 15, 2021, the Reality of Aid expresses deep concern over the human rights situation in the country, and extends solidarity to the Afghan people’s decades-long struggle against conflict and wars. Despite decades of military assistance and billions of dollars in aid, the fall of Kabul and the takeover of
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The signs of the times point to an urgent response to prolonged conflicts and exacerbated fragility in different countries. The Triple Nexus approach, in this regard, provides a policy discourse that emphasizes the complementarity and integration of development and peace actions with humanitarian actions in addressing the roots of conflict and state fragility. The Nexus approach is suggested to be a context-specific solution driven by on-ground needs, in contrast to merely implementing pre-existing frameworks.  In
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While ADB is taking steps in leaving its dirty energy legacy behind, its Draft Energy Policy seems to lack the steadfast commitment to forward a low-carbon and climate resilient future for the region. As the region’s most vulnerable sectors face the brunt of the climate crisis, there is a need to ensure that ADB’s Energy Policy will not further contribute to the worsening climate emergency. In this regard, the Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific
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For the past year, the Asia Pacific region witnessed its vulnerability to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict and fragility, and the climate emergency. The global pandemic has exacerbated systemic inequalities in the region, which calls for an urgent effort to scale up development finance. Yet, the aid system falls short as resource flows stagnate, and as donor economic, political and military interests determine the disbursement of these much-needed funds.   Against this background, The
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