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Accra, Ghana – While donors and governments are seeking to monitor the progress of the Paris Declaration (PD) at the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness this week, civil society leaders are looking for broader and deeper reforms on aid. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are in unison in highlighting the failure of aid to effectively deliver progress to communities around the world, as explained in the 2008 Reality of Aid Report on Aid Effectiveness: Democratic
Ministers of developed and developing countries responsible from promoting development and Heads of multilateral and bilateral development institutions, adopted the following statement in Accra, Ghana, on 4 September 2008. This is a moment of opportunity 1. We are committed to tackling poverty by building stronger more effective partnerships that enable developing countries achieve their own development goals. 2. Progress has been made. Fifteen years ago, one of every three people lived on less than one
In February 2008, the Halifax Initiative organized a conference on “The Changing Face of Global Development Finance – Impacts and implications for aid, development, the South and the Bretton Woods Institutions”. The *Final Report* is now available in English on-line click here. It includes a summary of the presentations and discussions at the conference. Regrettably, there will be no French translation of the Final Report. Background reading, a glossary of financial terms, the final agenda, speaker biographies, a
UNCTAD XII CSO Parallel Forum April 17-19, 2008 Accra, Ghana UNCTAD XII Meeting April 20-25, 2008 Accra, Ghana UNCTAD XII Civil Society Forum April 17-19, 2008 Accra, Ghana The REALITY OF AID NETWORK and IBON FOUNDATION will have a presentation on Development Finance and Aid Effectiveness. Speaker: Mr. Antonio Tujan, Jr. Chairperson, The Reality of Aid Network Time and Date: 1:30 – 4:00 PM, 17 April 2008 Venue: British Council Seminar Room **Please note that the IBON
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Doha, Qatar, 29 November – 2 December 2008 14 February 2008 Review Session on Chapter I of the Monterrey Consensus, “Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development” 15 February 2008 Review session on Chapter II, “Mobilizing international resources for development: foreign direct investment and other private flows” 10 March 2008 – 11 March 2008 (Morning) Review session on Chapter V, “External Debt” 11 March 2008 (Afternoon) – 12 March 2008 Review Session on Chapter VI, “Addressing
1. Background: The Accra High Level Forum Donor, partner governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) will come together in Accra Ghana during the first week of September 2008 in the Third High Level Forum (HLF3) to review the implementation of the 2005 Paris Declaration. In the lead-up to the HLF3 civil society organizations globally are undertaking consultations, research and advocacy on the effectiveness of aid in relation to its impact on poverty and inequality. CSOs




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