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The Reality of Aid Africa Network is a Pan-African initiative focusing on analysis and lobbying and advocating for poverty eradication policies in the international aid system and development cooperation. It seeks to strengthen the involvement of African civil society organisations in the policy reform on the international aid architecture as well as development cooperation.

The mission of RoA Africa is to contribute to more effective international aid and development cooperation strategies to eliminate poverty based on principles solidarity and equity.


  • Providing reliable and well-researched reports on international aid performance in Africa;
  • Influencing national and international policy makers, in the North and the South, through lobbying and policy dialogue;
  • Increasing public knowledge and awareness and thereby popular and political pressure for accountable development cooperation policies in donor countries;
  • Facilitating collaboration and shared learning between the network members, NGOs and CSOs in Africa to enhance their capacity to advocate for effective development cooperation; and
  • To link the network with other international initiatives to contribute to an informed debate on the role of aid in poverty eradication in Africa.


  • Research and Policy Analysis
  • Lobby and Advocacy
  • Network Development


  1. Mr. Vitalice Meja, Executive Director

Board Members

  1. Mr. Leo Atakpu, Chairman
  2. Mr. William Chilufya
  3. Mr. Aurelien Atidegla
  4. Eugene Rwibasira
  5. Oduor Ongwen



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Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific (RoA-AP) is one of the regional arms of RoA with primary focus on issues related to Peace, Security, and Militarism within the Asia Pacific. RoA-AP supports the global network in providing reliable and well-researched reports on aid performance, in influencing national and regional policy makers through lobbying and policy dialogue, and in facilitating collaboration among Asia Pacific CSOs to enhance their capacities toward building effective development cooperation. For more information, download: RoA-AP Partnership Document 2020-2022.

Steering Committee

  • Jahangir Masum, Chairperson, South Asia (Coastal Development Partnership)
  • Chinara Aitbaeva, Central Asia (Nash Vek Public Foundation)
  • Bonnie Setiawan, Southeast Asia (Resistance and Alternatives on Globalization)
  • Youngah Lee, Northeast Asia (People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy)
  • Emeline Siale, Pacific (Pacific Islands Association of NGOs )
  • Ziad Abdel Samad, Middle East and North Africa (Arab NGO Network for Development)
  • Sarah Torres, Coordinator (Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific)


Social Media



Special Reports

Asserting Democratic Space Amidst Corporate Capture of Development

Assessing Aid and Militarism in Asia

Asian Development Bank: (Mis)shaping Development Cooperation and Effectiveness in Asia Pacific 

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and National Development Bank: Paradigm Shift or Rehashing Corporate-led Development?


Henry Morales

Representing Latin American Network for Economic and Social Justice (LATINDADD)

Tzuk Kim Pop Movement
Sector 5, cantón Xecaracoj,
Quetzaltenango 330 09001, Guatemala
Tel: +502 7927 0431


Georgina Munoz

Latin American Network for Economic and Social Justice (LATINDADD)

Nicaraguan Community Trade Network Foundation (RENICC)
Del Restaurante El Madroño, Pista a Sabana Grande,
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel/Fax: 2280 2204

Reality of Aid in Europe comprises 26 civil society organizations, networks and national NGO platforms from 15 countries. Their work is coordinated by the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad). The main role of the Reality of Aid in Europe is to monitor, analyze and influence the development cooperation of European bilateral donors and the European Commission.

Twelve organizations from six non-European OECD countries are coordinated by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), a coalition of voluntary sector organizations working worldwide to achieve sustainable human development.


Global Secretariat

3F 114 Timog Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines 1103

+632 927 7060 to 62 loc 201

Telefax: +632 927 6981



Email *