The Reality of Aid Network Asia- Pacific is pleased to announce that the regional report on, and with the working title of, Financing the Private Sector: ODA to PPPs is now in the making. The report aims to show the trend of increased flow of ODA to PPPs in the Asia Pacific, present the role of multilateral financial institutions and governments in aggressively promoting the PPP scheme, illustrate the ways and process of how ODA to PPPs is managed and delivered and expose the donor and governments’ strategic interest and/or policies behind these projects.

In this regard, ROA AP is calling on all our CSO partners to submit in-depth and comprehensive researches and case studies in different countries that seek to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the PPPs in aid-assisted programs that were implemented or currently implemented in your country? Which sectors?
  2. What were the efforts of the government and donors to promote PPP in the country?
  3. How much of ODA went into these projects? Sources of ODA? How was aid channeled into the PPP project?
  4. Involvement (or non-involvement) of CSOs and grassroots communities in any or all of the stages of project implementation (from planning, designing, implementation and evaluation)
  5. What was the impact of the said project to the community?
  6. What role do MDBs take in promoting PPPs?
  7. What are donor and government policies on PPPs? What are their strategic interests served by PPP implementation?

The first drafts are expected to be submitted by 15 October 2011 and should not exceed 2500 words.
For more details on how to contribute contact the secretariat as soon as possible at and Alj at

Below is the indicative schedule for the submission of research outputs:

ACTION Timeline
Interested contributors to submit abstract to the Secretariat September 20
Authors writing and finalising their contributions September
All chapter copies submitted to RoA AP secretariat October 15
Comments from the Content Editor returned to authors for revisions; authors send back revised articles October 15-20
All revised drafts submitted back to content editor/secretariat for copy editing October 30
Copy editing and Layout finalized November 5
Final sign-off by content editor and ROA AP Steering Committee November 11
Final corrected proofs to Printing Press November 12
Printed copies available from IBON Publishing in Manila November 22
International Launch End November 2011

Research outputs that will be officially accepted will be published and disseminated.

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