Reality Check on Security Agenda and Development Cooperation

About the Issue

With the security agenda in aid policy resonating in recently launched 2004 Reality of Aid report, this Reality Check looks into the various issues related to the current donor policies to address conflict, security and development. This can be gleaned from the contributions of two donor country perspectives on the current shift of donor policies in diverting from poverty eradication to contribute to the “war on terror” and how it has reflected in the case of Mindanao in the Philippines. This edition of the Reality Check is also prepared by the Asia-Pacific network of the Reality of Aid on the occasion of the 50 years of Japanese Official Development Assistance and the network’s campaign to reform Japan ODA. As the global Reality of Aid network embarks on the next process leading up to the 2006 Report which will focus on issues related to security and development, humanitarian assistance and a rights-based approach to peace-building and development cooperation.


  • Aid and Terrorism – What about the Poor?
  • Millitarization of Japan ODA
  • Mini-Marshall Plan for Mindanao: Will Foreign Aid Help End the Moro War?


This Reality Check would not be possible without the valubale contributions from Koshida Kiyokazu from Pacific Asia Resource Center (Japan), Arnold Padilla from Ibon Foundatin (Philippines) and Shennia Spillane from the Australian Council for International Development (Australia). Gratitude must also be extended to the Reality of Aid Secretariat for their support.

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November 23, 2019