Post-Tsunami Issues and Challenges

About the Issue

This edition of the Reality Check tackles pressing issues in the two countries hardest hit by the tsunami – Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The papers outline concrete proposals for concerned national governments, foreign aid donors, and non-government organizations and civil society groups involved in post-tsunami relief operations on how they can ensure that assistance really benefit the victims of recent history’s worst tragedy.


  • Post-Tsunami Issues and Challenges
  • Role of Aid in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka
  • Statement of Sri Lankan civil society organizations on the occasion of the donor forum on 16-17 May 2005
  • Debt cancellation for Post-Tsunami Indonesia
  • Questioning Australia’s Generosity


This Reality Check was made possible with the valuable contributions fromShaini Chan from Aidwatch (Australia),Ivan Hadar from International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (Indonesia), Arnold Padilla from IBON Foundation (Philippines) and Ajith Tennakoon from Sewa Lanka Foundation (Sri Lanka). Gratitude must also be extended to the Reality of Aid Secretariat for their support.

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Don Northup
Oxfam Japan

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November 23, 2019