Aid Off Target: The Reality of Trade-Related Capacity Building

About the Issue

This Reality Check provides an overview of TRCB and highlights the orientation and goals of current approaches to capacity building. By examining what is covered by TRCB and some of the major programmes, we will be able to highlight the major weaknesses in its design and delivery. These weaknesses have led to the conclusion that funding for TRCB, as currently conceived and used by donor countries, is off target if it is to truly make a significant contribution towards reducing poverty in developing countries. Recommendations will be advanced for refocusing TRCB in order to strengthen capacities in developing countries to understand how trade policies influence and can form an element of strategies to improve the livelihoods of those living in poverty.


  • Introduction
  • What is Trade-Related Capacity Building?
  • The Context of the WTO-led Trade-Related Capacity Building After Doha
  • Weaknesses of Existing TRCB Program
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography


This Reality Check would not be made possible without the valuable contributions from S. K. Nikmah and Don K. Marut, both from INFID (Indonesia) as well as Sagarika Chowdhary, Balendushekhar Mangalmurty and Anil K. Singh from SANSAD (India). Gratitude must also be extended to the Reality of Aid and the IBON Secretariat for their support.

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November 23, 2019