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With the release of the Preliminary 2022 ODA Figures, the global community faces the reality that ODA continues to be precarious when it is needed most. The 13.6% increase in ODA in 2022, although relatively commendable, paints a misleading picture especially with how in-donor refugee costs captured a major part of donors’ financing while neglecting core development areas. Our analyses show that with the exponential increase in in-donor refugee costs and assistance to Ukraine, ODA
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Last May 2 to 5 in Incheon, South Korea, the Asian Development Bank held their 56th Annual Meeting with the theme, “Rebounding Asia: Recover, Reconnect and Reform”. Attended by representatives from the bank, member country governments, multilateral institutions, private sector and civil society, the meeting discussed how to address pertinent challenges in the Asia-Pacific region. The various sessions discussed ADB and their private sector partners’ approach in pursuing the just energy transition, digital transformation, food
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Incheon, South Korea – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) convenes its 56th Annual Meeting, gathering various stakeholders to discuss and influence ADB’s directions from May 2 to 5, 2023. With the theme, “Rebounding Asia: Recover, Reconnect, and Reform,” the bank tackles how they will ramp up mobilizing private capital and support in addressing development challenges borne from the pandemic, economic crisis, and climate change.  However, for more than 50 years, evidence from civil society shows
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From May 2 to 5, the 56th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was held to convene various stakeholders to discuss and influence the ADB’s administrative, financial and operation directions. With the theme, “Rebounding Asia: Recover, Reconnect, and Reform,” the meeting tackled how the Asia-Pacific region will address development challenges borne from the pandemic, economic crisis and climate change. The Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific (RoA-AP), along with members and allies, initiated this CSO
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This article was originally published in südostasien, a German magazine focused on amplifying voices on and from Southeast Asia on economic, political, and cultural issues. Read the piece in German here. by Tala Batangan, Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific Southeast Asia has been touted as an emerging region, with potential for immense economic growth and development. With this, its energy demand has continuously increased by 3% in the last two decades, but the majority of this
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In order to move forward with Agenda 2030, the current approach to development that promotes profit over positive development outcomes, enables corporate capture over democratic ownership of development priorities and puts the marginalized further at risk, must be transformed… This entails addressing systemic barriers and forwarding a development justice framework that forwards a people-centered, rights-based and climate-resilient approach for genuine, inclusive sustainable development.  The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
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