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Statement of the Reality of Aid Network on the ongoing crises in the DRC The Reality of Aid Network expresses concern over the ongoing humanitarian crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in light of the recent Mount Nyiragongo eruption, compounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ebola outbreak, ongoing conflict and intercommunal violence, and chronic poverty and inequality. The first half of 2021 has not afforded the people of the DRC any sense of relief
By Tala Batangan, Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific The revival of the “Pivot to Asia” strategy by the Biden administration signals the resurgence of the United States’ influence on the Asia Pacific region and its readiness to face the Chinese “threat”, with plans for an intensified military and economic presence to forward US interests. The Pivot to Asia strategy was originally conceptualized by the Obama administration, specifically by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The
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The past weeks have seen the escalation of conflict and violence between Palestinian and Israeli forces. Human Rights Watch has labeled the atrocities a crime against humanity of apartheid and persecution, with Palestinians facing institutional discrimination from the Israeli government and armed forces [1]. Palestinians have been subjected to constant attacks, leading to the loss of lives among protesters and civilians alike.    Tensions between Palestine and Israel have come to a head with the
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The Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific extends its deepest solidarity and support to the peoples of India, as they face the increased transmission of COVID-19 cases and innumerable deaths, in the face of government inefficiency and the lack of adequate international aid and support.    The second wave of COVID-19 infections has hit India, despite their ongoing vaccine production and distribution program. While the world has been coping with the new surge of COVID-19 transmission in
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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is one of the major contributors of development finance in Asia Pacific. This places ADB in a powerful position to influence development policies and practices of countries in the region. Its status as the leading development investor, however, comes with great accountability in the face of ever-widening development challenges.  The 54th Annual Governors’ Meeting (AGM) will be held virtually on May 3 to 5, 2021, to discuss economic and social
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The recently published preliminary ODA data of 2020 show that aid spending by DAC members totaled 161.2 billion USD which constitutes a 3.5% increase in real terms.[1] But while this increase is a welcome development, it is by all measures marginal compared to the magnitude of the crises the world faces today. Considering the extraordinary amount of resources needed to effectively address the global health crisis, donor performance in 2020 is underwhelming and patently incongruous
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