I. Political Overview

The Changing Faces of Aid: Encouraging Global Justice or Buttressing Inequalities?
The Reality of Aid Network International Coordinating Committee

II. ODA and Security

Rising Militarism: Implications for Development Aid and Cooperation in Asia Pacific
The Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific

Aiding Militarization: Role of South Korea’s ODA in “Peacekeeping” Activities in Asia
Youngah Lee, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy – South Korea

Militarization of Palestinian Aid
Nora Lester Murad and Alaa Tartir, Aid Watch – Palestine

Development Cooperation, Militarism and Conflict in the Contiguous Areas of Bangladesh, North East India and   Myanmar
Jiten Yumnam, Centre for Research and Advocacy – Manipur

Development Ground Zero: Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar
Council for People’s Development and Governance – Philippines

III. Additional Contents

International Finance Institutions: A focus on the private sector in North East India’s development challenges
Jiten Yumnam, Centre for Research and Advocacy – Manipur

The Need for a Climate-related Official Development Assistance (CODA) Framework to Improve Climate Finance Status   Quo
Jahangir Hasan Masum, Coastal Development Partnership – Bangladesh

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