CSO Taipei Consensus

Taipei, Taiwan, 13-14 December 2013


We the participants of the Northeast Asia CSO Consultation on CPDE held in Taipei on 13-14 December 2013; 

  1. recognizing and noting the significance of the second sub-regional meeting with four national CSO platforms from Japan, Mongolia, South Korea and Taiwan;
  2. hoping that our platform will be further strengthened in the future to include CSOs with full support from all Northeast Asian governments;
  3. expressing our deep gratitude to members of Taiwan Aid for hosting the consultation;
  4. after discussing various issues, including development effectiveness, human-rights-based approach, enabling environment for CSO development effectiveness, gender equality;
  5. reached consensus on the following statement:


  1. We believe that democratic ownership is essential to achieving sustainable development, respecting, protecting and realizing human rights for all – regardless of gender, ethnicity, class, age, religion, political affiliation and disability. This will only be realized through the inclusion of CSOs as equal partners in any decisions on development policies and development co-operation strategies. Therefore we request governments and other actors to set up structures to implement these recommendations by establishing multi-stakeholder structures, mechanisms and processes.
  2. We urge the GPEDC steering committee to improve participation of CSOs, transparency to the public through live streaming on its website and other means, and revitalize the Effective Development Cooperation process. We also ask governments to play a more active role in the process and reenergize national consultations in their respective countries.
  3. While recognizing the significant contribution of CSOs in the area of development in Northeast Asia, we find that there is limited progress in the area of creating an enabling environment for CSOs, as committed to in the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) and the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (BPd). We urge Northeast Asian governments to make more concrete efforts to establish enabling environments in full and substantial consultation with CSOs in accordance with local contexts. We also ask Northeast Asian governments to contribute more to creating enabling environments internationally.
  4. Recognizing the important role of the private sector in development as development actors, we call on all stakeholders to engage with the private sector to apply the principles of Development Effectiveness.
  5. CSOs in Northeast Asia should recognize the importance of raising public awareness on global issues related to development effectiveness, through education, trainings, campaigns, and so on.
  6. We call on fellow CSOs in the Northeast Asia sub-region to be pro-active towards the first High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership on April 15-16, 2014 in Mexico and undertake actions to assess country situations on the implementation of the GPEDC principles and utilization of the 10 Indicators. To that end we expect governments and other actors to support CSO participation in such activities.

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