In time for the 8th Annual Meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Recourse, Inclusive Development International, and Accountability Counsel launched a research, Roadblocks to Accountability: Addressing the accessibility crisis in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s review of its Project-affected People’s Mechanism. Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific, along with other civil society organizations from the region, endorse the research.

Download the research here.

In 2019, the AIIB established its accountability mechanism, the Project-affected People’s Mechanism (PPM), in order to provide recourse to affected communities and sectors from its projects. The research shows how the AIIB’s PPM has not accepted a single complaint since its establishment five years ago. Nearly half of all AIIB projects were found to be ineligible for the accountability mechanism, meaning that the mechanism cannot address complaints from communities adversely affected by those projects. The report looked both at the AIIB’s current portfolio and also at policies guiding the scope and implementation of the PPM.

Reality of Aid-Asia Pacific continues to call on the AIIB to become inclusive, transparent, and accountable in its policies and processes, ensuring that the democratic rights of communities, civil society organizations, and peoples’ organizations are upheld in designing and implementing development projects.

Read the press release here. Learn more about the projects of the AIIB here.


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