A workshop aiming to consolidate CSO experience in the lead-up to and during Busan as well as ways forward in continuing engagement on aid and development effectiveness through peer learning was organized by the Reality of Aid Asia-Pacific (RoA-AP) in cooperation with the Asia Pacific Research Network on 19-20 February in Cebu City, Philippines.

In the workshop, Asia-Pacific CSOs formulated proposals on moving forward post-Busan. First, it was agreed that much needs to be done at the country level, specifically in terms of facilitating better ownership of the process for national level CSOs. Also, the increasing regional nature of the discussion on aid and development effectiveness, all the more pushes the need for regional coordination. There was also recognition of the need to organize and coordinate the region to have an Asia-Pacific voice. Further, a consensus on the interim regional working group and capacity to have sub-regional coordination are deemed necessary to create space for all sectors to be able to engage in the global partnership.

To put forward the said proposals, RoA-AP will facilitate the mapping of regional and sub-regional CSOs and networks that could and should be part of the process to facilitate stronger coherence with strategic players and forge stronger capacity for regional analysis on all issues. Also, RoA-AP will start a process to enable an interim regional working group.

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