Financing Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Sustainable Development

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Climate Change is the biggest challenge confronting our present generation with potentially catastrophic consequences for ecological systems along with people’s health, safety and livelihoods. But its impacts are unevenly distributed. Those with the least contribution to the causes of global warming are the most adversely affected by it. They also command the least resources to adapt to the ongoing changes brought on by climate change. Mobilizing resources for climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development is therefore an urgent matter for international development cooperation.


  • Climate Funds and Justice
  • Financing for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Philippines: A Pro-poor and Gender-Sensitive Perspective
  • The Clean Development Mechanism: Neither clean nor pro-development
  • REDD and Indigenous Peoples


This Reality Check was made possible with valuable contributions from Paul Quintos and Athena Peralta. Gratitude must also be extended to Vic Tauli-Corpuz and the Tebtebba Foundation.

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February 8, 2020