Aid for Agriculture and Rural Development

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The emerging consensus in development circles about the need to increase support for agriculture and rural development is certainly a welcome change after decades of relative neglect. But we need to go beyond “more of the same”. The challenge is not merely nor mainly.


  • The New Aid Agenda for Agriculture
  • Unmasking the New Green Revolution in Africa: Motives, Players and Dynamics
  • Aid Effectiveness and Market-led Agrarian Reform in the Philippines
  • The Chia Se Poverty Alleviation Program: Sharing More Than Resources


This Reality Check was made possible with the valuable contributions from Paul Quintos (Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education & Research) and Elenita Dano (Third World Network). Gratitude must also be extended to Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) for the publications on Chia Se Programme.

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Dan Church Aid

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Artemio Dumlao
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Posted on

February 8, 2020