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Doha, Qatar, 29 November – 2 December 2008 14 February 2008 Review Session on Chapter I of the Monterrey Consensus, “Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development” 15 February 2008 Review session on Chapter II, “Mobilizing international resources for development: foreign direct investment and other private flows” 10 March 2008 – 11 March 2008 (Morning) Review session on Chapter V, “External Debt” 11 March 2008 (Afternoon) – 12 March 2008 Review Session on Chapter VI, “Addressing
1. Background: The Accra High Level Forum Donor, partner governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) will come together in Accra Ghana during the first week of September 2008 in the Third High Level Forum (HLF3) to review the implementation of the 2005 Paris Declaration. In the lead-up to the HLF3 civil society organizations globally are undertaking consultations, research and advocacy on the effectiveness of aid in relation to its impact on poverty and inequality. CSOs
The Advisory Group will be bringing together approximately 150 to 200 CSOs from the South and the North, donor representatives and Southern government representatives for an International Forum to consider the results of the consultations (and from other processes related to the mandate of the Adivsory Group). The International Forum will offer analysis and advice to the Advisory Group on issues related to its mandate. The Advisory Group in turn will be providing some recommendations
The following are additional schedules for the regional workshops. India: National Consultation on CSOs and Aid Effectiveness Date: January 22 – 23, 2007 Contact Person: Anil Singh (anilsingh2005 at Organization: South Asia Network for Social and Agricultural Development (SANSAD) Sri Lanka: National Consultation on CSOs and Aid Effectiveness Date: March 6-7, 2008 (tentative only) Contact Person: Mr. Suranjan Kodithuwakku (suranjan at Organization: Green Movement of Sri Lanka
The Reality of Aid 2006 Global Reports will be launched at Crown Plaza Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon on January 16. This activity will be spearheaded by Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND). Miss Jazminda Lumang-Buncan of IBON Foundation will provide backgrounder of said report. Dr. Sanaa Abou Chacra will present his paper “Alternative Priorities”. Dr. Ghassan Dibeh, Chairperson of Economics at the Lebanese American University-Beirut, will analyze four papers included in said report. Mr. Ziad Abdul
Dear ROA colleagues, Warm Greetings! Following the success of the International Conference on the Cancellation of Illegitimate Debts held in Jakarta, Indonesia earlier this year, we would like to invite you to join the workshop on Dictatorship Debt at the International People’s Forum vs. the IMF and World Bank in Batam, Indonesia. The event will be on 17 September, 2006 at 1:45-3:40. The workshop aims to deepen the understanding of the extent and impact of




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