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75 NGO and sub-national government representatives from seven provinces and Phnom Penh gathered in Siem Reap on the 30th of November 2010 to discuss and review the implementation of the Paris Declaration Principles (PD), the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) and reflect on the newly endorsed Istanbul CSO Principles for Development Effectiveness.NGOs and government recognised the progress made by all actors in Cambodia towards the implementation of PD and AAA. This includes clear policies in the formulation of the NSDP and a clear national development strategy. There has also been a move towards better alignment of NGOs plans to the NSDP and MDGs. NGOs have had increased opportunity to participate in the planning processes and the engagement of all actors on technical issues related to such sectors as education, health and natural resource management has improved. The capacity of local government officials and CBOs has improved.While much progress has been made, NGOs and government also recognized that many challenges remain. While capacity of all actors has increased, it is limited and requires further improvement. Cooperation is still limited on both sides, with CBOs and government communication not always at optimal levels. Financial resources for implementing local plans such as the CDPs or CIPs are still limited and hinder development at the local level. Finally neither government nor NGOs are well informed about the AAA and the PD or are not fully aware of their implications in improving aid and development effectiveness. There are insufficient linkages between national priorities and local grassroots initiatives to collectively improve national sustainable development efforts.

The forum participants recommend the following:

  • All actors in the development sector should work in partnership following the principles of PD and AAA in order to minimize the current gap between various actors in the development sector and to promote harmonisation between national development priorities and those at the grassroots level
  • Ongoing capacity building for NGOs, local government authorities and Cambodian citizens in order to be able to respond effectively to local development challenges
  • Planning for development should be an inclusive process, genuinely engaging all actors in planning, resource mobilisation and monitoring and evaluation of development progress with the ultimate goal being the improvement of quality of life of the poor
  • Build stronger relationships within institutions and between all development actors at all levels
  • Greater and long-term strategic and financial support for local NGOs and local government institutions
  • Include all development actors in existing mechanisms such as Technical Working Groups, which should also be replicated at the sub-national level

We, NGOs and government at the sub-national level, commit to creating an enabling working environment at the sub-national level for effective application of principles and commitment for promoting aid effectiveness and development effectiveness. We endorse the Istanbul Principles without any changes in the agreed upon framework for CSO Development Effectiveness and to reflect on these issues at the national, regional and international level through multi-stakeholder discussions.

75 NGO Representatives from 5 provinces

No. Name Organization Location
1 Khun Bunlee KNKS Battambang
2 Chhun Sarorn VFC Battambang
3 Chhim Raymong PKO Battambang
4 Seng Seakhuy BBD Battambang
5 Chin Vuthy AS Battambang
6 Meak Marin EOC Battambang
7 E Sarom Provincial Governor Battambang
8 Lao Lun TPO Battambang
9 Sa Kimsorn CYDC Battambang
10 Than Rithy SCO Cambodia Battambang
11 Ry Sopharoth MPK Battambang
12 Ros Chorvivorn VSG Battambang
13 Sokhom Phirun VFC Battambang
14 Prum Kimcheng KMR Battambang
15 El Say Provincial Governor Battambang
16 Annie NUT Help-Age Battambang
17 Ung Yukkhorn AMARA Battambang
18 Prum Has RAHDO B.Meanchey
19 Eng Sokhen SK B.Meanchey
20 Kim Sophorn TPO B.Meanchey
21 Touch Sophanna KFD B.Meanchey
22 Chung Meng KIEDO B.Meanchey
23 Phun Syna DICO B.Meanchey
24 Roeun Phearun VESO B.Meanchey
25 Ly Khom BFDK K.Thom
26 Deip Piry Provincial Governor K.Thom
27 Chim Mony BFD K.Thom
28 Mark Bunhong Provincial Officer K.Thom
29 Long Keo ADRA K.Thom
30 Srey Kimchheoun CoDeC K.Thom
31 Thoeurn Sovantha YCC K.Thom
32 Sin Sovuthy AFD K.Thom
33 Chun Chanputheavy COWS K.Thom
34 Em Bunna CIDC K.Thom
35 Phorn Sophorn APA K.Thom
36 Try Kimlong ADRA Preah Vihear
37 Ly Setha PKH Preah Vihear
38 Den Meakea CIDO O.Meanchey
39 Khiev Bunroeub PSDD O.Meanchey
40 Tuy Sakoeun KBA O.Meanchey
41 Chee Boreth CDA O.Meanchey
42 Mao Manel RCEDO O.Meanchey
43 Srey Mom JSC Siem Reap
44 He Sino KAKO Siem Reap
45 Luon Thavuth CWCC Siem Reap
46 Pich Sophanary PLAN Siem Reap
47 Ung Chanrattana TCO Siem Reap
48 Prum Mao FIDAC Siem Reap
49 Peng Sakun FAP Siem Reap
50 Kim Sotheavy KVO Siem Reap
51 Bous Mab RS Siem Reap
52 Im Sopheak Banteay Srey Siem Reap
53 Kim Sorn Ngan RS Siem Reap
54 Eng Sokna BFD Siem Reap
55 Lin Harrey RS Siem Reap
56 Sun Vong Vannak SCC Siem Reap
57 Sam Sebtra PADV Siem Reap
58 Chan Tean NK Siem Reap
59 Seam Sophal SCC Siem Reap
60 Prin Sophanit LHA Siem Reap
61 Ky Moeung FCC Siem Reap
62 Hun Sakhorn PLCD Siem Reap
63 Kao Sophorn Provincial Gov Siem Reap
64 Saroeun Channy PDP Center Siem Reap
65 Morn Vanny KYA Siem Reap
66 Chea Phong YCC Siem Reap
67 Ul Run World Education K.Cham
68 Soeung Saroeun CCC Phnom Penh
69 Lun Borithy CCC Phnom Penh
70 Toy Monireth CCC Phnom Penh
71 Ky Samphy KrY Phnom Penh
72 Mi Nac CCC Phnom Penh
73 Eng Sophara CCC Phnom Penh
74 Seng Sothida CCC Phnom Penh
75 Monika CCC Phnom Penh
In Total = 75 Participation

  • NGOs = 70 Participation
  • Government Officer = 5 Participation
  • NGOs = 17 from Battambang
  • NGOs = 07 from Banteay meanchey
  • NGOs = 11 from Kampong Thom
  • NGOs = 02 from Preah Vihear
  • NGOs = 05 from Odor meanchey
  • NGOs = 24 from Siem Reap
  • NGOs = 01 from Kampong Cham
  • NGOs = 08 from Phnom Penh
  • Governor = 02 from Battambang
  • Governor = 02 from Kampong Thom
  • Governor = 01 from Siem Reap
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