Include us in the dialogue process, CSOs urge State

SuvaCivil Society Organisations (CSOs) urged the State to include them and acknowledge them as an integral stakeholder in the dialogue process on the road to the Busan Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in November 29 – December 1, 2011.

These sentiments were expressed at a workshop on Developing the Capacity of CSOs on Aid and Development Effectiveness at the Studio 6 Conference Room last July 5.

Organised by the NGO Coalition on Human Rights, in partnership with IBON/Reality of Aid’s country outreach program, the goals of the workshop were to:

  1. Raise awareness among CSOs on Aid and Development Effectiveness
  2. Raise awareness of  CSOs    on  the  importance of  Busan/Aid and  Development Effectiveness and identify venues or spaces for deeper CSO involvement and engagement
  3. Consolidate the position of CSOs as to their demands and positions on key issues around aid; and
  4. Enrich the BA CSO Key Asks by providing comments on the current
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