Twenty Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from all regions of Kyrgyzstan created a Network for Effectiveness of Development during the CSO Round Table on Advocacy of Paris Declaration (PD) and Accra Action Agenda (AAA): “From Effectiveness of Aid to Effectiveness of Development” on 13 September 2010 in Bishkek.

The Coalition for Development Effectiveness was created in the framework of “Advocacy of Paris Declaration and Accra Action Agenda” project, which aimed to strengthen democratic country ownership with participation of civil society organizations as partners and to shift from aid effectiveness to development effectiveness.

Why creation of such coalition is needed? CSOs consider that at the moment there is a lack of reliable, timely and publicly available information on many aspects of aid and related strategies and conditions of the country’s development. There is a lack of independent evaluations of activities of donors, state and other groups working with aid, and evaluations of influence and results of the aid. There is a lack of opportunities for citizens and CSOs to make their voices heard in decision making process on development of our country. All these factors create systematic obstacles for state’s accountability to the citizens.

Our country participated in adoption of such documents as PD and AAA that regulate official aid and that commit both state and donors to involve CSOs into the process of elaboration of country development strategies, monitoring of aid and country development strategy.

CSOs assume that effectiveness of aid should be measured by results of country’s development.

CSO Coalition “For Development Effectiveness” is created for monitoring of aid effectiveness because CSOs are fully confident in the necessity of clear and central role of human rights, gender equality, worthy job and ecological sustainability in the program of aid effectiveness and further democratic development of the country.

Following the activity of such coalition, data on aid provided to Kyrgyzstan will be gathered and spread among civil society, state bodies and private sector. An alternative report on effectiveness of aid will be an outcome of the coalition’s work, and will be presented in 2012 during a high-level meeting of states on this issue.

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