Forum for Environment and Development (ForUM) is hosting a launch of the Reality of Aid 2012 Report in Oslo, Norway

Lunch Seminar on the Role of Business in Development
When: Friday 22 March 2013, 11:30 – 14
Where: Rd 11, Oslo
Organizer: ForUM
Contact: Ane Schjolden
ForUM invites all member organizations to a launch of the report from the Reality of Aid Network and a discussion on the role of business in development.

Zeitgeist is that businesses are increasingly pointed out as key players when talking about development, and that private and public capital mix. But what role should the industry play?
– Is economic growth + “do no harm” approach when it comes to environmental and human rights enough, alternatively why not?
– Should there be additional requirements for development effects when Norwegian industry is supported by public funds from the aid budget?
– Who should be responsible for business to contribute to a positive development, and what tools are needed?
– What are the opportunities and challenges for countries that are “host” to foreign investment?
These are the main questions that will be discussed at the seminar.

11.30 Lunch is served
at 12 Introduction from the forum with a presentation of the main findings of the report: Bistand eller butikk?
at 12:10 Presentation by Jeroen Kwakkenbos (Eurodad), with the international editorial board for the Reality of Aid Report, “Aid and the Private Sector: Catalysing Poverty Reduction and Development?”
at 12:30 Comment from: Benedicte Bull, SUM and Øyvind Eggen, International Law and Policy Institute
at 13 Discussion. Can we come up with some “political demands” (with relevant addressee) on what Norwegian business involvement in developing countries should lead to?

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