The Advisory Group will be bringing together approximately 150 to 200 CSOs from the South and the North, donor representatives and Southern government representatives for an International Forum to consider the results of the consultations (and from other processes related to the mandate of the Adivsory Group). The International Forum will offer analysis and advice to the Advisory Group on issues related to its mandate. The Advisory Group in turn will be providing some recommendations on CSO aid effectiveness to the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness, the body hosted by the DAC to monitor the implementation of the Paris Declaration. Most of the CSO participants for the International Forum will be identified through the regional consultations; however, there will be space for other interested CSOs who have considered some of the issues involved and/or have produced case studies related to these issues. The Canadian Council for International Cooperation (which is a member of the Advisory Group) has been mandated by the Advisory Group to organize this Forum.

International Forum on CSOs and Aid Effectiveness:
Ottawa, Canada
February 3, 2008 to February 6, 2008
Contact: CCIC, Brian Tomlinson,

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