Reality of Aid Global Meeting 2011
Theme: Aid and the Private Sector 

26 November 2011, 2-6 pm 
Busan Global Civil Society Forum, Grand Hotel, Busan, South Korea 
26 October 2011


The Reality of Aid Network (RoA) holds a Global Meeting and Workshop for RoA members once in its two-year Report cycle. Its purpose is to engage members to debate key issues for the theme of the upcoming global Report and to share national and regional experiences with other RoA members. It seeks interchange on crucial issues and builds capacities and ownership for common key messages to be developed in the Report.

The Workshop theme is “Aid and the Private Sector” following the RoA 2012 Report theme. Though primarily for RoA members, the network also intends to invite other organizations and individuals interested in this emerging trend and increasing focus on the private sector. The Workshop is expected to stimulate discussions on what are the official donors doing in the emerging field of “aid and the private sector”? Who precisely do they support, and which criteria influence this choice? What are the results that can be observed on the ground? Does the assumption that private sector activities supported by official aid lead to less poverty and better lives really hold?



  1. Discussion of 2012 Report themes
  2. Key messages for the 2012 Report
  3. Logistics of the Report
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