World Bank and conditionality undermining democratic ownership

About the Issue

This Reality Check provides a critical look at the predominant role the World Bank continues to play in developing countries as well as examines the direct and indirect conditionalities that the bank still applies to their loans and their effect on recipient countries.


  • The World Bank and Conditionality: The need for change
  • Indonesia: under the shadow of the IMF and World Bank conditionalities
  • Bihar Panchayat Strengthening Project


This Reality Check would not be made possible without the valuable contributions from S. K. Nikmah and Don K. Marut, both from INFID (Indonesia) as well as Sagarika Chowdhary, Balendushekhar Mangalmurty and Anil K. Singh from SANSAD (India). Gratitude must also be extended to the Reality of Aid and the IBON Secretariat for their support.

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February 8, 2020