What Cooperation for What Kind of Development?

About the Issue

The Reality Check magazine is a production of Reality of Aid (RoA) in cooperation with CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness for Latin America and Caribbean CPDE LAC (AOED ALC) for its acronym in Spanish) and the Latin America Information Agency (ALAI).

Central countries have an “inward” view of themselves. Therefore, when offering an “outward” cooperation, is this related to an interest towards the promotion of international trade or other kinds of interests? The point of International Development Cooperation is increasingly being set aside or belittled, so how can we develop our own model within this context?


  • Development for Latin America and the Caribbean: Our Own Perspective
  • Development, Good Living and the Search of Alternatives by Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs)
  • The Laudato Si Encyclical and the Development Model
  • Finance for Development System International Crisis and Challenges of South- South Cooperation
  • South-South Cooperation, a regional integration oriented experience
  • International Cooperation with Central America: the End of a Phase
  • The Ambivalence of International Cooperation towards Indigenous Movements: Development or Recolonization?
  • The Trade Union Perspective on International Cooperation for Development
  • Gender Equality: New Agendas, Old Challenges
  • Youth and International Cooperation

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Posted on

February 8, 2020