The State of Agriculture in Africa

About the Issue

This edition of reality check provides an insight into the status of agriculture and food security in Africa. It highlights the challenges facing agricultural growth in Africa particularly in respect to ensuring food security, and analyses the existing efforts and opportunities for African governments to address the twin challenges of ensuring agricultural growth and food security. It further assesses the impact of efforts by global funds and private investors in responding to the twin challenges, thus identifying the existing gaps in these approaches.

It concludes by observing that it is imperative to address poverty in Africa to ensure sustainable agricultural growth and reduce hunger. African governments must work concertedly with development partners to address the causes of poverty and hunger, and support vulnerable populations against shocks. Agricultural polices and investments must go hand in hand with addressing issues of household incomes and vulnerabilities, as well as understanding the nature of appropriate technologies necessary to sustain the majority small scale producers of agriculture.


  • Acronyms
  • Introduction Challenges Facing Agricultural
  • Production and Food Security in Africa Efforts by African Governments to Address Food Security
  • Efforts by Global Funds and Private
  • Funds to Address Agriculture and
  • Food Security
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography


This reality check was made possible with the valuable contributions from Eve Odete. Gratitude must also go to Mandla Hadebe for design and layout and Reality of Aid Global for Publication.

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Posted on

February 8, 2020