Projects financed by the IMF-WB in the CSO Aid Observatorio

The Asia-Pacific region is also a site of financing of the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group (IMF-WB). In the CSO Aid Observatorio, there are a total of 13 development projects funded by the IMF-WB. The IMF-WB is the most influential international finance institution, as it offers financial aid, accompanied by policy conditionalities, to crisis-stricken nations. Across the Asia-Pacific region, the majority of the financing is channeled towards health, education, energy, and disaster risk reduction and reconstruction projects in South Asia (7), Central Asia (5), and Southeast Asia (1). However, communities reported negative impacts of these projects, such as forced displacement, loss of livelihood, eviction and demolition, pollution, flooding, corruption, and a lack of accountability and transparency. Indigenous Peoples, urban communities, women, children, and youth are mostly impacted.  While reports have noted that there are available grievance mechanisms for these projects, the bank generally has narrow partnerships with CSOs and affected communities.