The Handbook

We developed a training course to strengthen CSO capacities to monitor aid and promote CSO partnerships towards evidenced-based policy in the region. The CSO Aid Observatorio Training Handbook 2020: Advancing Human Rights and Development Effectiveness is composed of four modules:

  1.       Aid and Development Cooperation Concepts and Principles
  2.       People’s Research and Development Cooperation
  3.       Data Sourcing and Management
  4.       Dissemination and Popularization

The Handbook in a nutshell.

Let us facilitate a workshop for you.

We will readily provide a targeted program design and web-based materials for those who want to use the Handbook as a tool in their own capacity development initiatives. The modules of the Handbook will be useful for developing and implementing advocacy activities, engaging in policy dialogues, and conducting monitoring and analysis. The expected outputs of the workshop are reports submitted to the CSO Aid Observatorio platform.


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