The Platform



This section features an in-depth look on select development projects. Read through our CSO Campaigns and amplify civil society’s calls toward a rights-based, people-powered sustainable development.

Dim Prospects

NGO Forum on Cambodia’s CSO Campaign on ADB’s National Solar Park Project

Aiding Crises

Law & Society Trust's CSO Campaign on World Bank's COVID-19 Loan to Sri Lanka

Fueling Growth or False Solutions?

INDIES' CSO Campaign against the PLTGU Jawa-1 Project in Indonesia

Improving Roads, Impacting Rights?

CGGAP's CSO Campaign on the South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Road Improvement Program

Disclosing Realities, Safeguarding People's Rights

CPRD's CSO Campaign on ADB Projects in Bangladesh

No Road Through
Our Home

CRA’s CSO Campaign against the Imphal Town Ring Road Project in Manipur

Mobilizing against Broken Systems

INDIES' CSO Campaign against World Bank's Social Assistance Reform Program

Breaking Barriers Beyond Borders

DECA, Equipo Pueblo, AC's CSO Campaign on Mexico's South-South Cooperation Program

Raising Awareness, Demanding Accountability

TCDD's CSO Campaign against the impacts of ongoing development projects in Tanzania