About the campaign

Reality of Aid – Asia Pacific (RoA-AP) launches its End Austerity in Asia Pacific Campaign this 2024 to raise peoples’ awareness on the impacts of austerity in the region and mobilize its members and their networks to cascade and popularize the issue. The campaign urges the Asian Development Bank and other IFIs to stop enabling corporate control in developing countries and instead truly deliver programs toward genuine sustainable development. RoA-AP pushes for people-centered recommendations where debts are canceled; development budgets are used effectively and efficiently; and the people have ownership over their resources.

Participate in the campaign

We invite everyone—civil society, students, academia, and other organizations—to participate in our campaign by installing the End Austerity in Asia Pacific data exhibit during events or activities. The exhibit comprises seven panels visualizing data on austerity measures and the debt situation across the region; the impacts of fiscal consolidation; how IFIs control the fiscal policies of developing countries; and recommendations to reduce budget deficits and address people’s genuine socioeconomic development. 

The exhibit is FREE OF CHARGEOnce you’re ready to exhibit, register below to download the kit that includes the panels and instructions for printing and installing. It can be a stand-alone exhibit or a supplement to your existing campaigns and events. Use #EndAusterityinAP too so we can help promote.

Austerity Primer


Austerity was projected to impact 6.7 billion people in 2023 or 85 percent of humanity and the population most likely to be hit exceptionally hard is East Asia and the Pacific, and South Asia. Throughout decades, austerity has done nothing but increase poverty and inequality and exacerbate insecurities related to food, jobs, education, and reduced safety nets. It has also raised additional barriers that restrict marginalized groups, including women, children, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples and refugees from accessing essential services. 

To promote a just and sustainable system, there is a need to examine these austerity measures and its impacts on the Asia Pacific region and its people, as well as to identify and highlight people-centered alternatives that will benefit the most marginalized in society. Demanding system change requires confronting actors involved and pushing for policy reforms that will forward a people-centered, rights-based, and climate-resilient development.

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