CSOs contribute to China’s development, professor says

Beijing – Last  July 5, a workshop involving 16 CSOs and 6 resource and government representatives was held in Beijing, with the aim of fostering solidarity in pushing towards a progressive and sustainable agenda for aid.  Prof. Tuan Yang, Deputy Director of Center for Social Policy Studies of China Academy of Social Sciences lectured on CSOs’ contribution to China’s development.

The workshop took root in one of the fundamentals of creating better groundwork for aid effectiveness which is the deepening of commitments of both CSOs and government officials in the PD and the AAA. This implies categorically ending the ill effects of policy conditionality. Other points acknowledged the need for greater democratic space in policy formation for CSOs instead of the excessive weight coming from the initiatives of the private sector on these matters.

Highlight of the workshop was the interaction from different CSOs on the “CSO Key Asks,” in strengthening their specific advocacies as a reference point to explore other issues in the efforts for greater democratic processes in aid planning and implementation.

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