Xi’an – An initiative of the China Development Effectiveness Network (CDEN) in cooperation with IBON/RoA’s Country Outreach Team, China’s first CSO consultation workshop on Aid Effectiveness was conducted in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, on November 20-21, 2010. A total of 32 representatives from civil society organizations and nine delegates from donor institutions and the government were present. The two-day workshop was divided into three parts: understanding aid effectiveness; multi-stakeholder consultations; and formulating CSO-led country plans.

Overall, the participants viewed the activity as a great success. The workshop succeeded not only in opening up dialogue between CSOs from many different areas with the government, but also brought attention to the importance of aid effectiveness, a topic many CSO representatives never before engaged with. A short survey at the end of the workshop revealed that 73 percent of participants learned significantly from the common discussions, and 63 percent considered the overall quality of the discussions as high. An interesting outcome of the activity was the realization of CSOs own limitations. In order to explore innovative ways to improve and engage with aid effectiveness issues, CSOs realized that it is imperative to first improve their own capacities.

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